Some weeks ago I got the Scrum certification PSM I (Professional Scrum Master) on and I want to share with you some suggestions and point of views about how to study for the certification exam using only online resources.

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Studying is for knowledge

I read some blogs online about how (relatively) easy is to pass the the PSM I certification and that you can do it just reading the Scrum Guide and practicing online.

Let me say that yes, maybe you can pass the exam studying in that way, but I think is wrong. The goal of studying for an exam is not…

TLDR: I bought a Kobo Libra H2O, I loved it and returned it. This is the story.

First the Kobo Glo HD

I like reading. I like reading paper book: I like smell it, touching and keeping in my hands, I like seeing them on the bookshelf. This is why I thought I’d never bought or liked an e-reader.

Then the first kid arrived and reading with one hand and during night with a backlight display was a plus, so I gave it a chance and bought a Kobo Glo HD. …

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In this article, I want to share with you my experience about integrating a prepopulated SQLite database in a React Native project, since I had some issues putting the database in the right folder and properly loading it in the application.

I’m pretty sure most of the modern mobile applications work getting fresh data from services using REST or GraphQL, but for some type of applications you don’t need to download new data every time and you want to have your data prepopulated in the application.

This can be done in many ways and there are many database solutions out…

I remember back in February watching online newspapers and talking with colleagues at work about what was happening in Wuhan, China. We were staring at photos and videos of empty streets, people saying that those streets were full of people just a couple of days earlier (Wuhan is a city of 11M people). There was news about doctors with special equipment taking people in the streets and (fake?) news about coronavirus as a bioweapon leaked from a lab near Wuhan. We were just watching and making considerations, the emergency was far away, at that time.

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But like many things in…

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If you work in software development or IT you might have encountered a long list of acronyms, in fact there is an acronym for everything!

Just to mention a few we have CI-CD (which is not a rock band), OOP, SOLID for design principles, SMART for criteria to guide in the setting of objectives, and counting.

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